Beer tankard / Munich
2. Half of 15th century
Beet tankard / Munich

- the forgotten metal.

When did you last use an article made of TIN, hold it
in your hands and sense the nature of the metal?

Forget the ‘tin can’- it’s usually made of aluminium.
And what we used to call ‘tinfoil’ or ‘silver paper’
doesn’t contain silver any more, and no TIN either.
Nor does the ‘tinsel’ we drape over the Christmas
tree. Talking of the festive season, it’s a tradition in
many countries to cast TIN shapes and ponder their
metaphysical significance, but here again lead has
taken over as the metal normally used.
Iron is galvanized with zinc to prevent it from rusting;
none of these substitute metals are necessarily
better, but certainly cheaper.

A sad decline for a perfectly respectable metal;
in the past things were different.